There are more than 80 types of Kueh for you to choose to satisfy your palette. They are grouped as Kuih Talam, Kuih Lapis, Bingka, Puding, Singles and Frozen Kuih.

We have also introduced a new product line known as Mealboxes, where freshly cooked & ready-to- eat dishes are packed in food safe containers and supplied to customers.

We only use fresh ingredients and no artificial flavouring has been added to our products. Only a small quantity of permitted artificial coloring is used.

Our products are manufactured in a very clean environment as our production facility, production processes and our products has been certified HALAL by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS). In the meantime, we are also in the process of obtaining the HACCP Certification for our production facility, production processes and products.


Kuih Talam
Products under this group which includes Talam, Seri Muka & Kuih Lapis are manufactured in food-safe plastic trays and are cooked by the steaming process.

Kuih Bingka also falls into this group but are baked in stainless steel trays. Kuih Puding are made from agar-agar, boiled in separate pots and poured to cool into food-safe plastic trays.

We sell our Kuih Talam in trays with a standard cutting size of 64 pieces per tray (tray size 10” x 10”).


As the name suggest, products under this group are manufactured piece by piece and requires more time to make.

The products in this category may go through different cooking processes. Some are steamed, some are baked and some are boiled. A few types such as cucur badak and karipap are fried.

There are about fifty types of kueh under this category produced in our factory.


We created this line of product with the idea of catering pre-packed freshly cooked & ready-to-eat food for outdoor events (sports carnival, family day outing)and also indoor sessions(seminars, in-house training) which has limited time and space for full scale food catering service.

These products are “grab-and-go” concept and are also suitable to be sold at petrol stations and convenient stores.


Frozen Kuih
At the moment we have about fourteen types of kuih in this category. All the products in this category has gone through research and testing. Proper cooking process of this products, be it frying, steaming or baking will ensure the original taste comparable with freshly made products.

Watch out for more products to be added into this category in the future.