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“Tak kenal maka tak cinta.”
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A Marriage of Culture and Creativity

Having grown up helping our mother sell kuih to make ends meet, kuih seemed the most natural endeavour to take on when we decided to start a business together.

Our family-owned business started back in the year 2000 from our home kitchen and we have since grown into what we are today.

Against all odds—with borderlines blurring and businesses bringing in more and more pastries, sweets and desserts from all corners of the world—we’ve set out to preserve our rich traditions through modernisation of processes, fresh packaging that the masses would love, and innovation of forms to fit the fast lifestyles of our buyers, so that our children and the future generations may know the origins of our kuih and enjoy them too!


One Big Happy Family

We know it sounds clichéd, but we truly mean it when we say that our team is the biggest key to our success and that most of us have been here for so long that we feel like a big, tight-knit family. Every single member of our team has their own talents and despite the difference in backgrounds, everyone appreciates what the others bring to the table.

We are proud of the team we’ve built as we continue to function as an inclusive, fun work place as we’ve been since Day 1.

Sri Talamaz


A True Partnership

Would you believe us if we told you that we started off on a store curb?

Thinking back, we would’ve never imagined being here today. We’re grateful every day for our clients ranging from hotels, hospitals, convention centres, event halls and caterers, many of whom we’ve been supplying to for over 20 years.