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We offer mouthwatering treats, from savoury to sweet. Take your pick! 


A famous traditional snack from Pantai Timur, the akok boasts rich caramel flavours, burnt outer shell and a custardy centre.

Apam Caramel/Butter

Soft, fluffy, and airy, our apam butter is the perfect afternoon snack or breakfast treat with its buttery, caramel notes and pop-in-your-mouth size.

Badak Berendam

A popular traditional dessert, badak berendam are glutinous rice balls stuffed with a juicy palm sugar grated coconut filling, served in coconut milk sauce.

Bingka Jagung

Bite into this sweet Malay confection with a rich custardy centre and corn bits. Serve it with a cuppa and you’re set for tea time.

Bingka Labu

Packed with pumpkin flavour, this rich and lightly sweetened dense cake makes the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of tea.

Bingka Ubi

This fragrant , dense and chewy Malay cake will reel you in with its inviting aroma.  Be sure to hide the corner pieces for yourselves because that caramelised crisp corners against the soft centres make the perfect bite.

Cara Berlauk

Pop these bite-sized treats into your mouth for the perfect blend of savoury goodness from the chicken filling, fresh chillies and herbs. Delicious!

Cara Manis

Sink your teeth into this juicy titbit and be delighted by the burst of oozing sugary centre.

Sri Talamaz
Cucur Badak

This traditional Malaysian snack packed with spicy grated coconut filling is perfectly married with the natural sweetness of a sweet potato pastry.

Sri Talamaz
Getuk Ubi

Enjoy the subtle flavours of cassava and grated coconut as you sink into this snack with a crispy outer shell and soft and fluffy centre.

Sri Talamaz
Karipap Pusing Ayam

Flaky karipap pusing  pastry perfectly paired with a mildly spiced curried chicken and potato filling. Have it for breakfast, tea…whenever really! 

Karipap Pusing Kentang

Flaky karipap pusing  pastry perfectly paired with a mildly spiced curried potato filling. Have it for breakfast, tea…whenever really! 


Bite into this deep fried traditional treat and hear the crunch as you get through the crisp shell to find a soft, sweet centre made with mung beans

Sri Talamaz

Like a doughnut, but BETTER (and healthier too)! As you sink your teeth into this kuih, fall in love with the crispy sugar crystals that coat the soft, fluffy sweet potato pastry. The experience is UNMATCHED!

Sri Talamaz

Thin pandan crepe filled with palm sugar shredded coconut filling, this kuih is truly a crowd favourite.

Koswi Pandan

Dense and chewy, our koswi pandan is topped with a mountain of freshly grated coconut that lends its creamy, buttery flavours to balance its sweetness.


The traditional koswi made with palm sugar boasts deep, caramel notes with a dense, chewy texture. These flavours are balanced with creamy, juicy,  freshly grated coconut 

Kuih Koci Pulut Hitam

Small but punchy, our kuih koci is made with pulut hitam, filled with palm sugar shredded coconut and drowned in coconut sauce before being wrapped in fragrant banana leaves.

Kuih Bakar Berlauk

The perfect savoury treat for a small get together, our kuih bakar berlauk is packed with stir fried chicken, crispy fried shallots, fresh chillies and herbs. Slice them up and serve to be star of the party!

Sri Talamaz
Kuih Bakar Kemboja

Fragrant and sweet, our kuih bakar kemboja is meant for sharing. Each slice has its very own little crispy , caramelised corners which are, in our opinion, the best part. Go ahead, keep it all to yourself. We don’t judge.

Lepat Pisang

Dense, chewy and packed with banana goodness, these unassuming little banana leaf parcels will pull you in with their fragrant aroma and make you fall in love with them with every bite. 

Lepat Ubi

Feel yourself transported back to the olden days with every bite of this traditional treat made with grated tapioca and palm sugar.


These little triangles of glutinous rice cooked with pandan, coated in fragrant shredded coconut and served with a drizzle (or a pool, your choice) of palm sugar syrup are the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon tea or cup of coffee.

Lapis Merah

Eat it layer-by-layer or whole but these pretty layers of pink and white will make you feel like a child again.

Lapis Pelangi

Don’t like pink? Eat the rainbow instead! Choose happiness when you pick our lapis pelangi to embellish your pretty party set up. 

Onde-onde Melaka

Loved by kids and adults alike, pop these little chewy glutinous rice balls into your mouth an bite into them for a burst of palm sugar syrup. 


Flavourful vegetable filling wrapped in thin spring roll skin, fried to the perfect crisp and flakiness. What is not to love?

Pulut Inti

Indulge in this treat of glutinous rice cooked in coconut cream and topped with a mountain of shredded coconut cooked in palm sugar and wrapped in banana leaf. So good!

Sri Talamaz
Pulut Panggang

This savoury glutinous rice snack is filled with spicy coconut filling, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled to add smokiness .

Pulut Sambal

Add this yummy snack to your cart! This glutinous rice snack is topped with a spicy coconut sambal that makes it moreish and delicious to have at any time of day.

Putri Ayu

The Malay version of a princess cake, this pretty little apam is fluffy, soft, and is loved by adults and kids alike.  Add this delicacy to your party dessert table to add a pop of colour and flavour profile. 

Puding Roti

This bread based dessert is popular in many parts of the world. It is a delicious dessert. The outside edges are slightly crisp while the middle is soft and custard like. So. GOOD! 

Puding Cendol

Created based on the popular local ice dessert, this pudding is served cold with the perfect balance of palm sugar sweetness and rich, creamy coconut milk.

Puding Gula Merah

This palm sugar pudding served cold is the perfect sweet agar-agar treat to end your meals.

Puding Keladi

This pretty purple pudding is not only delicious but is also beautiful on a serving plate. 

Puding Lapis

The perfect balance of sweetness, coconut milk, and fragrant pandan, this delightful kuih is the refreshing bite of dessert you need on a hot day.

Puding Pelangi

Popular among children, this mouthful of rainbow is refreshing, sweet and the prettiest addition to your dessert table.


Crisp, flaky skin with fluffy, curried potato filling, munch on our samosa for that satisfying crunch and perfectly balanced savoury flavour.

Seri Muka

Our best seller is a beautifully balanced kuih with rich, creamy glutinous rice bottom and sweet, velvety pandan top. 

Seri Muka Durian

An ode to our most loved local fruit, this kuih is layered with creamy glutinous rice and rich, buttery durian custard-the perfect bite for durian lovers!

Talam Cendol

Inspired by one of our favourite local dessert, our talam cendol boasts beautiful layers velvety palm sugar custard and creamy coconut with cendol jelly.

Talam Keladi

Creamy, thick, and rich, this yam cake is a gorgeous purple, subtly sweet with chunks of yam, and is the perfect addition to your dessert spread at tea. 

Sri Talamaz
Talam Pandan

This traditional Nyonya Kuih stays popular among Malaysians till today. The bottom sweet pandan layer topped with a flavorful and slightly savory coconut milk layer is the ultimate desser at the end of every meal. 

Talam Suji

Our talam suji starts with a layer of semolina cooked till soft and is topped with a creamy pandan layer. Every bite of this kuih is an exquisite balance of sweet, rich and velvety.

Talam Tokyo

Creamy sago layer perfectly married with a sweet layer of velvety palm sugar custard, bite into this kuih for a delectable mouthful 

Talam Ubi

Another popular Malaysian snack, this tapioca cake is topped with a velvety coconut cream layer is well loved and is often served at social gatherings.

Tepung Bungkus

Sweet coconut filling wrapped in a creamy coconutty outer layer and steamed in banana leaves, this kuih will take you back in time with every bite.


Its always handy to have Frozen Kueh in your freezer.

Frozen Karipap Pusing Kentang 10's

10 pieces of Frozen Karipap Pusing Kentang

Frozen Popia 10's

10 pieces of Frozen Popia Vege

Frozen Cucur Badak 15's

15 pieces of Frozen Cucur Badak 

Frozen Keria 15's

15 pieces of Frozen Keria (Sugar Coating not included)

Frozen Samosa 10's

10 pieces of Frozen Samosa Vege

Frozen Kasturi 10's

10 pieces of Frozen Kasturi 

Frozen Getuk Ubi 10's

10 pieces of Frozen Getuk Ubi

Frozen Kueh Bakar Berlauk

1 whole of Frozen Kueh Bakar Berlauk

Frozen Kueh Bakar Kemboja

1 whole of Frozen Kueh Bakar Kemboja

Frozen Lepat Ubi 10's

10 pieces of Frozen Lepat Ubi

Frozen Pulut Panggang 10's

10 pieces of Frozen Pulut Panggang

Frozen Putri Ayu 10's

10 pieces of Frozen Putri Ayu

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